Floral Delight

When you are flying around Dublin and rushing from place to place before hurrying off to college it is great to be greeted with a fantastic floral display when you walk into a shop!

This is just what happened me when I walked into Marks and Spencer’s on Grafton Street! I had just rushed in to get a drink and let’s face it who can go into M&S without buying a cookie!! While I normally do admire the great show of flowers and plants that the store boasts this time I really did stop in my tracks to admire them.

They had just been restocked and the containers were crammed full of beautiful colour and fragrance. It was very hard to pick just a few to take photos of ( I started getting some strange looks for taking photos of flowers!) but the three I took have to be some of my top picks for cut flowers year round!



I still can’t get these roses out of my mind! I just fell in love with their fantastic shape and colour! I love the transition from warm cream in the middle to a vivid tinge of green in the outermost petals. Simply perfection! Really need to go back and treat myself to some flowers!