A Splash of Colour

I made my first official visit to the Botanic Gardens in Dublin a few weeks ago with the brilliant companion that is Ruth Kenny ( Aka @Hrygth on twitter)!

I must say Ruth is a brilliant person to spend a horticulture day with as she shares my love for plants and colour! It was brilliant to walk around the gardens with her even though it was rather wet out!


Walking around the gardens and houses definitely made up for damp clothes and cold fingers! There was a great deal of colour and lovely plants to fawn over!

One of the first ports of call was the Orchid House and while there was not as many flowers in bloom as the last time I visited the ones that were open were spectacular!



The main glasshouse in the gardens also had a great amount of vibrant colour thanks in part to the great display that the rhododendron are starting to put on! As well as looking great one or two of them had a brilliant fragrance too! Always a plus in my eyes!



The cactus house is one of my favourite stops when I go to the Botanic Gardens as the plants in here are just so different to what I grow myself and I am always amazed by their shape and general appearance. They are so different to the normal flowers and delicate plants I spend my time obsessing over!


Of course given the time of year there were some very welcome hints of the spring season from some early flowering spring bulbs! It was great to see them as it filled me with excitement for the coming weeks as my own bulbs start to explode into flower!


I can’t wait to visit the gardens this weekend with a group of Irish photographers and photography bloggers! Hopefully there will be some great photos to share with you all next week!