A Winters Walk By The Sea

While it may seem very crazy to some to be going on walks along the sea front in bleak January, I have always loved the sea and find it a brilliant place to visit any time of the year!

It had been so long since I got to walk along a shore line and enjoy the energising feeling of crushing waves. Luckily for me I found myself in Greystones in January to record my interviews on Community Gardening.

Even better for me I found myself with loads of time to really explore the town and have a great walk along the beach! It always amazes me the sheer power of water. It brings it home with recent events in Ireland and England that it is something to be respected as much as it should be marvelled at!

When I do go for a walk along a beach I always get distracted by the merriment of objects that you can find along the shoreline. Be it an unusual stone, a piece of driftwood or a cluster of seaweed, I always find something to capture my imagination!



Of course anywhere I go I will search out some pretty plants to stare at for awhile! I must say I was really impressed with the great purple flowering hebes I found on my travels! You can never say no to a hebe or two!



I can’t wait for my next journey along a beach sometime soon!