Discovering my hometown

With a lovely new puppy comes the long walks to try and use up some of that pent up energy that they seem store up and ensure it is not focused on digging yet an other hole in the lawn!!

I am really starting to thing she is trying to be a gardener with all the digging she is doing! If only she would plant something in the holes she digs!

With the walks comes the great opportunity to really explore my town and go on the walks I keep saying I will go on but never do!

Having gone on two of the walks that I have been saying I’d do for months and months I am really encouraged to go on more. It is amazing the number of sights you can miss on your own door step when you don’t take the time to look for them.






Even travelling back down these walks in the coming weeks will prove enlightening as I watch the environment bust in to life as spring approaches.

On a side note last night I was informed that today marks Beyond The Wild Garden’s Third Anniversary so I would like to wish everyone a very happy anniversary!!!