An Adventure with Garlic

During the week I said that the vegetable garden was already showing signs of growth and I was not lying! I was very surprised to see how much the garlic I planted in November had grown!

I am a massive fan of garlic so the thoughts of growing some of my very own was very exciting to me! The variety I decided to grow is Germidour which is a violet clove and has a mild flavour.


But why should I describe planting my garlic to you when I can TELL you with Beyond The Wild Garden’s new podcast!! Yes 2014 has brought its first change to the blog in the form of podcasts!

So make sure to keep an eye (or EAR) out for updates on my adventures that are not typed out but spoken! Plus since many of you have been reading what I have to say for so long I think it is good to put a voice to the blogger!

I would love to hear your thoughts on the podcasts and most importantly as you will hear in the podcast I am after some advice and tips for the vegetable garden!