A home grown Christmas

While this year our Christmas was not as home grown as I would have liked, it did have one major part that was home grown!

I would have loved to be more organised and actually be picking vegetables from the garden for Christmas dinner this year but it didn’t happen. This though has spurred me on to be more organised for 2014 and make sure half (if not all) the vegetables we have at Christmas are home grown!

However this year one of the biggest parts of Christmas was actually home grown and it has been six or seven years in the making!

That’s right our Christmas tree was home grown and came from the end of our garden!
When we moved in to our house around six years ago, knowing the plant lover I am friends gave us a potted Christmas tree as a house warming present.

So it got planted down the garden along side a second one I bought myself (that’s next year sorted!). It had finally reached a big enough size this year so it got chopped down and brought into the house.

Now I will be the first to admit it was far from perfect. It was slightly misshapen and it had to have its height reduced a bit but it was home grown and looked rather pretty when it was decorated with lights, ornaments and some homemade stained glass cookies!



Overall I was very happy with the outcome and am pleased to say it is still green!!