A trip to Kilkenny to talk horticulture

This week I got the opportunity to go to Kilkenny to give a talk as part of the UCD Open Day event being held down there.

I love going anywhere on a train and seeing the world speed by the window!

After enjoying the lovely views the whole way from Dublin, I finally reached Kilkenny.

I had been down in Kilkenny a few weeks ago (which I will write a post about in a few days ) but this trip was a bit different as I got the chance to have a walk around the town as I walked in the direction I thought the hotel was in.

It turns out the hotel I was meant to be going to was in the totally opposite direction! So a big thank you to the lovely woman who gave me a lift to the hotel when she found out I had gone the wrong way and was about 30 minutes away from the hotel now! ( Turns out the hotel was only a five minute walk from the train station!)

While it was a bit of a long walk it did give me the chance to take some great photos along the way!





Once I made it to the hotel though it was pretty much smooth sailing and the presentation went really well…..as far as I didn’t run out of the room screaming when I stood up to talk and they laughed at the jokes I thought were funny!