Garden Blog Hall of Fame Winner

Well I have a bit of an announcement to make!! If you follow me on twitter or if you were following the twitter feed of the Garden Bloggers Conference in Atlanta you may have already heard but in case you did not…….


I could not believe my eyes when I saw the news on twitter. I was sitting in the middle of one the first class of masters so I was already rather excited. However when I seen the tweets come in from people at the conference I had to keep myself from jumping up and down in the middle of the class!!


I really could not believe it when I saw that I had actually won the competition as I was up against some incredible bloggers.

I don’t think I can thank everyone who voted for me in the competition enough and thank you all for your support with the blog since I started. I started the blog simply as a way to share my love for plants and nature and never really expected anyone to read it.

You have all really turned the blog into something I never thought it would become and I am so grateful for to you all. It has helped me to meet some amazing people and to share some great experiences with you all. I really can’t wait to share more with you all!