Chatting about blogging on Artyfacts

Last week I had the great opportunity to go to KFM radio station and talk all about blogging and Blog awards Ireland on Artyfacts. Artyfacts is presented by Brenda Drumm and as the title says deals with arts and culture in Kildare.

My self and two other amazing bloggers were asked to come into the studio and talk all about our blogs and being nominated in the Blog Awards Ireland. I was joined by Rebecca , the cake godess behind The Happy Cake and Bake Blogger and also by Amanda the master mind behind Spider Working. Amanda was also on hand to talk all about her role as one of the people behind the Blog Awards Ireland.


                  Brenda, Myself and Rebecca at KFM ( Photo Credit )

I must say I had a great time chatting about my blog and blogging in general as well as meeting some other brilliant bloggers from Kildare! The interview is up on Podcast now so make sure to have a listen to hear what we had to say!

Make sure to check out my fellow bloggers too you can find the links to both blogs above!