Am I Falling for Grasses??!

I have never really been a massive fan of grass plants in a garden. I think it is more that I have never really seen them done right or seen them used in a way that I really liked them before. I think it is very easy to juts chuck them in a bed but when they are not thought out they really don’t look good at all.

Luckily for me my view on grass has drastically changed in the past few weeks. I have finally seen a planting of them that worked extremely well and one that I utterly loved!


In the Botanic Gardens there is a great planting of a lot of different types of grass all in one area. It was amazing to walk through the paths that go around the beds of grass. Here I finally understood the great qualities that they can add to a garden. The texture and sound created by them is simply amazing!

I think the reason I loved this planting of grasses so much more than the ones I have previously seen is that they were planted on such a scale that they really worked well with each other. They were planted in large interlocking blocks that stood alone yet there was a great fluidity among all the grasses at the same time.

I think this exposure to grasses has really changed how I view grasses and may even persuade me to plant some in my own garden!! As you can see from the photo below I really did enjoy my time walking around the grasses and even sat down for awhile to absorbe the view that bit more.