Summing Up Four Gardens with One Flower

As  a plant addict, this week has been one of my all time favourite weeks! I have got to go to not one,two or three gardens but four! Yes, I have truly overdosed on plants and beautiful flowers. It was absolutely amazing to wander around the four very different gardens for hours and hours, just absorbing inspiration from all around me.

While all the gardens were extremely different, some private and some public spaces, they had one flower in common. In all of the gardens too, these flowers where at their utter best putting on a great display of colour.

I came across some fantastic dahlia flowers on my travels and they were all in spectacular colours. I have always loved dahlia flowers mixed into flower beds to add some height and also texture. I find that the leaves add great interest and find they really do stand to attention even when the flowers fade. I think I am a bit biased though towards the taller varieties! The bigger the better in my eyes!

I decided to share these few photos with you all as a taster of what is to come from my plant adventures. Make sure to keep an eye out for some posts from, in my eyes are, some of Ireland’s truly great gardens.