Supporting Wildlife

Wildlife and gardens really do go hand in hand…. well in my eyes they do anyway! This is why I am on a mission in my own garden to introduce a lot more wildlife and a lot more plants that encourage wildlife into it. This has been on my mind since spring so I have been on the hunt for some inspiration where ever I go and luckily I have found some great inspiration around me!


The photo above was taken in the walled garden of The Botanic Gardens and I think shows how to include a wildlife sanctuary in a very beautiful way! Now some people may look at this and say the gardeners have just gotten lazy. I however think it looks fantastic, almost if you will like a piece of art within all the vegetables in the walled garden.

I have been a big fan of allowing some nettles to survive in my garden for a while now. The main reason for this is  the amount of wildlife that they support. They also have the added benefit of being a great food source!!! Here in the Botanic Gardens, they are done in a much better way than I have been doing it. They are maintained behind a lovely rustic wooden fence and mixed with some great wild flowers so they look like part of the garden . In my own garden they stand out at the end of the garden and not really in a good way. I think with a bit of work I might be able to recreate something similar for next year.

Two plants that I need for my own garden since visiting the garden here are the beautiful blue flower that is  borage and what is a wildlife garden without lots and lots of teasel.?! Both of these plants are just fantastic at attracting wildlife in to gardens so I am on a mission to get some into my garden for next year.

Not only are they great workers in gardens but these plants are down right gorgeous !!