Science and Gardens

My last trip to the Botanic Gardens was extremely eventful. I finally got to see a new art installation in the gardens that I have heard a good deal about in the past few months. DNA Sculpture ‘What is Life’ by Charles Jencks was commissioned to mark the 60th anniversary of the discovery of DNA.

Dna Sculpture2

For the science lovers who may follow my blog, one of the main reasons this installation hit the headlines back in April was the very special guest at its unveiling. Dr James Watson, one of the scientists who are credited with discovering the double helix molecule was right there to see its unveiled to the public. He was one of the lucky people who got to walk up the mound as well! I was rather disappointed when I realised you aren’t able to walk up around the sculpture. I was even more disappointed when I seen the rather ugly looking rope that kept me away from it, it was a very ugly rope that does kind of take away from the sculpture!

However when I visited the sculpture, I must say I was rather awe struck by it! It is very thought provoking and the magpie in me loves the material it is made from! The great reflective material seemed to radiate the sun that was shining down on it around the entire wooded area it sits in. So even though you can’t get as close as I would like, it is very spectacular!

DNa Sculpture3

I really love how as you walk down to the turfed mound you get quick glimpses of the sculpture through the trees as you approach. If you find yourself in the Botanic Gardens, this is most definitely a place to stop while you walk around!

DNA Sculpture