Tales from the Vegetable Garden – Peatastic Journey

I though the most exciting thing about my vegetable garden was when I discovered my first pea growing, I was so wrong though. You will remember how excited I was when I shared a photo here on the blog about the first peas starting to appear in the garden, well I have found something to top this.

IMG_3655Harvesting a spectacular crop of peas was so much better than discovering that they had started to form. It was brilliant to actually pick something that I had looked after for months and reap the rewards of all that hard work. I think I was very generously rewarded at that, I got a great bounty of peas for the kitchen.

VegGarden-DavidCorscaddenI was truly amazed once I started pick the pea pods with the amount that was actually on the two trellises, that I had grown them up this year. I should also point out, I was very good and most of the peas that appeared on the trellis made it to full size! I did of course have to try a few over the growing season…. just to make sure they were doing well!!

Veggarden3-davidcorscaddenOnce I had finally released the lovely green jewels from their pods, I got to work bagging up 3/4’s of them to freeze and share with our neighbor. The rest were for dinner that night! I might say they were quiet delicious. With the peas now cleared from the vegetable garden I now have a lot more room left vacant now.


I guess it is time to start looking up more crops that I can grow for some spring time goodies! Do you have any crops that you like to plant for an early start on next year? So far I have just broad beans lined up to plant in October.