Flowers from the Cosmos

Okay this flower may not be from the Cosmos but it is called Cosmos! To be official it is called Asteraceae Cosmos ‘Sea shells Mixed’.


On a recent trip to The Botanic Gardens, I came across these great flowers truly singing in the glorious sunshine and dancing in the light breeze that was blowing on the day! I think these flowers are simple yet when planted in large sways or blocks like they are here can be extremely effective.  I particularlly love the mix that is planted at The Botanic Gardens with its shades of white and pink.



I had fallen in love with the flowers when I seen them that day, but when I visited my friends house a few days later and seen their brilliant flowers I was head over heels OBSESSED! Their flowers were so different from the ones I have seen before. It starts off pure white in the centre and then gradually turns to a deep pink along the edges of each petal.


I definitely think these would make a great addition to any garden! Especially my own!!