Garden Of Gold By Lois E. Felder

I decided to be kind to my mind and read something enlightening instead of watching trash on tv! I am so glad I did this as I stumbled across this brilliant poem by Lois E Felder. It came at an extremely appropriate time too as it is close to my Grandmothers anniversary and one of the things that triggers memories of her in my mind are roses so I decided to share this with you all in memory of her.

Garden Of Gold

 By Lois E. Felder

I walk through the garden,
On this warm summer’s day,
To smell the flowers,
That grandma raised.

In the middle,
Of this garden of gold,
Stood this one,
Single red stem rose,
The rose means so many things,
From the ones you receive on your wedding day,
To the one you get on Valentine’s Day,
But this single rose standing here today,
Represents the love grandma gave.

From the love she gave,
When she planted it that day,
To the love she gave us,
Each and every day,
So when you pass this garden of gold,
Remember the love that this rose holds.