A Trip to the Orient, The Japanese Gardens at Powerscourt Estate – Behind the Scenes Post

My latest guest blog post for Powerscourt Estate has just been published online. This post is all about the Japanese Gardens at Powerscourt and some of the most interesting plants that I have encountered on my past two visits.

Since I was a young child, I have always been fascinated with the orient. I have always been interested in the culture and in particular I have always been fascinated with images of the landscapes that I longed to visit one day. Luckily for me the gardens at Powerscourt allow me to submerge myself in these landscapes without having to leave the country.

The Japanese Gardens date back to 1908 when they were laid out by the 8th Viscount and Viscountess Powerscourt, who set them up to the south of the Triton Lake. Every time I go to visit the gardens I like to start my visit off by looking at the gardens from above.


There is a perfect vantage point of the garden from Lord LondonDerry’s seat, just about the wishing well . I love to stand and look down on the garden from here as I think it is magical to watch the water reels flower through the garden. It is also great to see the brilliant specimen trees from above before you walk down among them and bask in their dappled shade. In particular I love looking out over the undulating mound of flaming red that are the mature Japanese Maple trees.

There has been some spectacular plants at their best on my last two visits to the garden. I have always had a soft spot for cherry blossoms and love the ones in the gardens here. 


I stumbled across two very interesting plants in the garden.  The Skunk Cabbage plant, as you can imagine gets its name from the smell it releases but I think it looks quite pretty so we might just forgive it for its smell.


Crinodendron hookerianum, or as I found out later is more commonly called the Chilean lantern tree, is quiet a beauty. The evergreen shrub has the most astonishing red flowers. I find that the plant is aptly named as the flowers  really do hang down like lanterns that have been delicately placed on the branches. When I came across this plant I stopped in my tracks as it was so unusual and I thought very beautiful when the sunlight shone through the branches.




Make sure to check out the official blog post on the Powerscourt website and watch out for an other Behind the Scenes blog post here for my next one in the coming days. In the meanwhile enjoy these extra few photos from my post.

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Hi Everyone, My Name is David Corscadden and I am a fourth year Horticultural student in UCD. I have keen interest in wildlife friendly gardens or as I like to call them “Wild Gardens”. I have in the last year taken a u-turn in what I thought I would do after college. I have moved more in to the literature side of horticulture and plan to do a masters in journalism next year as soon as I am finished my undergraduate degree. I set this blog up so people can follow projects and activities I am doing in my own back garden with the hopes that they can learn with me. Hopefully you will learn from my successes and on occasions maybe from my mistakes! I plan to also share my experiences and the inspiration I find in my daily life. I plan to share idea, plants and garden design that feeds my desire to garden. Hope you all will enjoy the journey you are about to go on with me, and hopefully then you will find the wild in your own garden. David

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