It’s Not Stepford We Live In!

During my usual catch up on all the blogs that I follow, I stumbled across a very interesting discussion about lawns on the blog From A Country Cottage. The post was about lawns and the over use of chemicals to control weeds and produce the “perfect” lawn. I must admit I agree with Bridget in her post, I do not see a problem with daisies or clover in a lawn!

I will admit that I have been one of those people with the knapsacks spraying chemicals on lawns to kill weeds (Not my own lawn I will add but for a garden I worked in). I never liked the job one bit. The chemicals are so harsh and the effects can be felt days later, even when you wear the protective gear.

In my own garden though I don’t think I would ever have the energy or the want to spend hours spraying chemicals to stop the odd buttercup, clover or daisy flower appearing in my lawn.

Plus lets face it I don’t live in Stepford and the rest of my garden is no way perfect so why would I want a perfectly green lawn. More importantly I think it would look rather dull. I am a fan of the variation and interest from the odd flower, not to mention how much better it is for biodiversity to have more than one species of plant in a lawn.

I think you will agree from the photos it really doesn’t hurt to have a bit of variation in your lawn. It can look quite beautiful.