Elderflower Cordial

I think it’s officially summer when you get to sit in a sun drenched garden with a cool glass of elderflower cordial!! I have always wanted to make my own but every year I kick myself  as I miss the small window that is cordial making season. This year it is different, I am very pleased to report I have made my first batch of the summer!


I am very lucky to have some large elderflower bushes near my house, so I have been able to keep an eye on the flowers for the past few weeks and catch them just as they were ready. I think it is very important to know the area you are picking your flowers from to know that the flowers have not been sprayed or contaminated with chemicals or anything else nasty.

I was amazed by how easy it was to make the cordial, I’d say its about 15 minutes work all together. The only downside is the waiting for the flowers to steep, it takes 24 hours! I will tell you now though it is well worth the wait! I was also rather shocked with the amount of sugar that is used in the recipe! It is definitely a drink for special occasions…… that is if you want to keep all your teeth!

Since a young age I have been a big fan of elderflowers. I have always just been in awe with their shape and the sheer mass that they appear in on bushes. It has only been in recent years that I have really developed a taste for the cordial made from its flowers.



  • 30 elderflower heads
  • 2 pints of cold water
  • 1kg sugar
  • 50g citric acid (optional)
  • 2 lemons


  1. Wash the flowers carefully (Make sure there are no bugs or dirt)
  2. Place the flowers in a large bowl
  3. Zest the lemons and then cut into chunks and add to the bowl
  4. Pour the water and sugar in to a saucepan and heat, stirring until the sugar is fully dissolved
  5. Pour the hot syrup over the flowers
  6. Add citric acid (if using)
  7. Cover the bowl with clingfilm and leave for 24 hours to steep
  8. Sieve the cordial to remove the flowers and pour into sterile bottle




  • I found lining a sieve with a clean tea towel a great way to strain the cordial
  • I love mixing the cordial with sparking water and crushed mint leaves to make a refreshing summer drink
  • I use a potato peeler to remove the zest from the lemons, its very quick and easy
  • The cordial freezes very well which helps to keep the summer feeling all year round