A Golden Beauty with a Dark Side

I think the title of this post is extremely appropriate for this particular tree! It truly is a golden beauty when it is awash with its glorious yellow flowers that droop down like ornaments  in spring.


While it is very beautiful it does have an extremely dark side . The flowers and the fruit that follow are both extremely poisonous and can not be consumed by humans or animals. It is important to remember this when planting one of these trees in your garden.

There are a number of these great trees scattered throughout the woodland around UCD. When mixed among other trees they add great interest in spring when the canary yellow flowers jump out at you  in the dappled shade. They can add some much needed brightness once the undergrowth of wild garlic and violas have faded away.


While it looks brilliant mixed into naturalistic plantings of trees, I think it looks just as spectacular when planted as a specimen tree in a garden. Its rather small growing habit means it is well suited to small gardens. It is a very common tree in country gardens across England.

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