Why Did I Study Horticulture??

Why did I study horticulture? This was the question that was posed to me when I was asked by the School of Agriculture in UCD to give a talk to 60+ fifth year students.  All the students came to UCD as part of the colleges Summer School event that happened last week.

I was asked to give a talk about my time in UCD and why I studied horticulture and more importantly why I picked to study it in UCD.  The talk came at a very good time to reflect on my time at UCD, as the same week I got my final year results, which I passed!! So now I am a college graduate (..Well I get to wear the cap and gown in September anyway!!!).


Luckily for me the talk seemed to go well and I think I got across why I decided to study horticulture. An other good point is that talking in front of 60 plus people was a walk in the park! It has some what given me a bug to talk more!

When it comes to me and horticulture, I think it all stems back to the days I would spend as a children following my grandfather around his garden. This coupled with a longing to understand the mechanics of plants in later years, there was no other option for me! The great facilities at UCD, from the woodland grounds to the greenhouses and apple orchard, pulled me towards studying there.

I have included my presentation below so everyone can get some more information on the horticulture course at UCD. If you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to leave a comment below I will hopefully be able to answer it!

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