Woodland Beauty

It has been a great season for violets and the woods near my house seem to be speckled with them every where you look. I was also over the moon when I stumbled across a sway of them while I was out walking along the woodland walks in UCD. violet

The wild varieties are very subdued and not very showy, which I think makes them look even more spectacular. They really are at their best from March to May, when the flowers are in full bloom. The main variety I have found on my journeys  and are pictured here are known as early dog-violets. These have more pointed lower petals compared to the common dog-violet.


While the flowers will fade away in the coming weeks, I will get to enjoy some great photos of them in a book my friend bought me for my birthday. I got a copy of Carol Klein’s “Wild Flowers” book and it has some brilliant photos of violets as well as many other wild flowers. I have set my self a challenge to try and find all the flowers in the book and photograph them. At least I am one down now!