Walk Down A Country Lane

With the amazing weather we have had lately, I have been trying to get out and about as much as I can. Last week I went for a walk with my sister along the country lanes, that meander around my house.

I have been going for walks on these roads for years now and I have always been in awe when I walk under the trees. There are some great trees along both sides of the road which are brilliant to walk under and admire their grandeur.


At the moment there is a great light and airy feeling as you walk along the lane but in a few weeks once the leaves have opened fully, it will have great enclosed feeling.

You may have noticed when I go for a walk…. I don’t get too far without stopping and taking photos!!  Especially on this walk I got very easily distracted by some great flowers and plants in the hedgerows.


The best find I made was in the middle of my walk when I stumbled across a great clump of cowslips. It has to be the best clump I have found on my travels this year and I was delight to see how healthy they looked. I have found some smaller clumps of them earlier in the year but this sway of them really got my attention.


Towards the end of the walk, I came across this great white flower growing along the banks of a small stream. It is known as Lady Smock or Cuckoo-flower. It is a native flower and is commonly found in damp meadows and in open woodland. It can come in shades of pink but these are more common in drier sites.


I think it was a very productive walk! I got out in the fresh air but more importantly, I got some great plant inspiration and found some truly beautiful flowers along the way! Hopefully the sun will stay longer so I can get out and explore more!