Tulip Festival at Powerscourt

It has been an exciting few days for me and Beyond the Wild Garden. My latest guest blog post for Powerscourt Estate went up online. The post is all about Powerscourt’s annual tulip festival. The festival boasts an impressive collection of tulips with over 10,000 bulbs planted within the grounds.

Tulips have to be one of my ultimate favourite spring bulbs and Powerscourt boasts some spectacular varieties. Some of my favourite ones were found within the walled garden, where they added much needed colour to the herbaceous border. As you can see for yourself the flowers offer quite literally an explosion of colour and interest.

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My entire blog post on the tulip festival and some other spring highlights around the gardens can be found here.

It has also been an exciting few days for me as I have done my very first solo show for the Sodshow. You will remember a few weeks ago I told you all that I will be contributing to the show. My first solo show aired last Friday and fittingly it was about the tulip festival at Powerscourt as well!

It was a great success and was even featured by Audioboo on their website, which I am told has only happened a few times in the history of the show!! If you would like to learn more about the tulip festival and spring at Powerscourt and hear me talk about plants, you can listen to the show below.