Beyond the Wild Garden goes on the Radio

Well today I should have been busy studying away for my exam tomorrow but I got slightly distracted. Today was the very first day that my voice has graced the air waves as part of the Sodshow.


The Sodshow is Irelands only garden radio show and I have been an avid listener to it for ages now! Me listening to the show and heckling its presenter Peter Donegan has lead to me contributing on the show!  Today I was part of a trio of guest presenters on the show. The lovely Belle who has a blog called Limmster and Caítríona of were my partners in crime for the show.

I must admit it was rather strange recording my segment for the show as I am not that use to talking to myself but I managed to record it and it was included in show.  You can listen to the show and past episodes on all over the world. You can also listen to today’s show here with the link below. I will make sure to post any more appearances of mine on the show here for everyone to listen to.