Flower Power at the Botanic Garden

I recently went to a talk in the Botanic Gardens given by Walter Jansen. Walter Jansen is the current director of Keukenhof in Holland. He gave a sterling talk about the history and management behind the world famous spring bulb park.

Keukenhof 2013

Keukenhof 2013


The park is known around the world for its breath taking displays of tulips and other spring bulbs. Having gone to the talk and learnt so much about the park, I have decided that I must go visit! I have to get my diary out for next year though, as the gardens are only open for a fixed number of weeks during spring and then is closed for the remainder of the year.

The park only opens from 21 March to 20 May each year and is closed to the public after this period. While the park is closed, the displays of bulbs are completely removed and replaced for the following year. This creates a new and exciting park each time visitors enter through the gates.

After the talk I got the chance to walk around the grounds at the Botanic Gardens and enjoy the wonderful display of colours that have erupted in the past few weeks. Following the good weather of the last while, all the spring bulbs have exploded in a great display of colours. I wanted to share these few photos with you as to me it felt like a bit of Keukenhof in Dublin.

I must admit to you all that I have a soft spot of Tulips and the ones I found on this trip made me feel extremely happy!