The April Blogging Challenge Begins

So I am jumping on the bandwagon with the April Blogging Challenge started by The Newfarmerette. With some encouragement from Miss Belle over at  LIMMSTER I have decided to get going with the challenge. It involves doing a blog post each day for the month of April.

I have decided to do my version of it a bit differently by posting a photo a day of something that has made me happy or a photo of something interesting that I have encountered during my day! The aim is to force me to get out and find some merriment and joy in the great outdoors.

Following on from the snow and cold weather of last few weeks, the season has truly changed and it is now officially spring with many trees bursting in leaf all at once! While I was out on a walk this afternoon I came across some brilliant new growth that to be really shows spring has arrived and there is hope around the corner for us gardeners!!

New Leaf Growth

New Leaf Growth