A Day of Daffodils and Charity

Being a person whose life has been touched by cancer this Friday, the 22nd of March, is an important day. Friday marks the 26th National Daffodil Day in Ireland. The day is used to raise vital funds for the Irish Cancer Society.

In 2012 a total of €3.6 million was raised and it is hoped this year the day will help raise €3.4 million for the charity. The money raised on the day is used to grow the Irish Cancer Society’s patient care services like the National Cancer Helpline and goes towards the running of the Daffodil Centres.

The day not only supports an extremely worthy charity but the symbol for it happens to be one of my favourite spring flowers. To find out more information about Daffodil Day and the work of the Irish Cancer Society visit their website. If you can, try and donate to help support such a worthy charity.

Daffodil Day is on the 22nd of March

Daffodil Day is on the 22nd of March

To mark Daffodil Day I wanted to share some interesting facts I have found about daffodils:

1. TheRomans cultivated the flowers extensively and it is believed they thought the sap from the flowers had healing powers

2. It is in folklore that people who kept poultry would not allow daffodils in their homes as they believed it would stop their hens laying eggs.

3. In Victorian days the daffodil represented chivalry.

4. A gift of daffodils is believed to bring happiness to the receiver so give someone close to you some daffodils.