Spring has Sprung

Spring has truly sprung in Ireland. Today marks the official start of Spring and nature is in full swing at the moment. Fresh new growth is appearing on shrubs and trees which feeds the excited gardener in me with hope for the coming season. The season is also full of anxious waiting as I wait for the spring bulbs I planted months ago to explode into colour in the coming weeks.

This morning I stumbled across this poem by Barbara Baker, called A Spike of Green. I feel this sums up the start of Spring wonderfully and wanted to share it with you all !

Happy Spring !

A Spike of Green

by Barbara Baker

When I went out
The sun was hot
It shone upon
My flower pot

And there I saw
A spike of green
That no one else
Had ever seen!

On other days
The things I see
Are mostly old
Except for me.

But this green spike
So new and small
Had never yet
Been seen at all!

Bluebell leaves spring up

Bluebell leaves spring up