A rose by another name…

When you think wildlife gardens you don’t really think roses but it’s surprising how much they can add to your garden. The bright colours and intoxicating scents attract insects from all over the garden in search of nectar. As many of you will know roses are the favourite home of greenfly. But I hear you asking why this is good for me? Well if you have greenfly in your garden you will suddenly find yourself with tones of ladybirds munching away on the greenfly.

There are many forms of roses from standard bush roses to climbing roses. In a wildlife garden I find that climbing roses or ground cover roses work best and look appropriate in their surroundings.

As always it is much better to buy native or roses which are grown in Ireland as you know they will support our native bugs and insects. The Rose will be more suitable to grow in our climate as a result.

So take a minute to smell the roses the next time you are near sometime.