Hidden surprises

My garden is divided up into about three different sections. I have my formal-ish kind of cottage garden up near my house then you walk through a gate into an area with apple trees and my pond. If you walk further on in you come to a big area which is let go a bit natural!

So In other words it’s not as prim and proper as the rest of the garden. The grass doesn’t get cut as neat or as often. Since I started this I have noticed that more and more wildflowers have become incorporated into the lawn. This makes it much more interesting than just a plain green lawn. The more Plants you have besides grass in your lawn the more wildlife that it will attract in to your garden (major bonus!).

Just this weekend I was walking through the garden and noticed some Primroses peaking up through the grass. It’s utterly amazing when you make a discovery like this out of the blue. So I decided not to cut the grass for a bit longer just to see if anymore would pop up and to my delight I have about four more primroses now.

Best reason ever not to cut the grass this weekend if you ask me,

Happy Gardening Everyone!