The Power of Magnolia

On a recent class trip around UCD with my horticulture class I came across this amazing specimen of a magnolia tree planted near Belfield House. It’s a great statement tree in any garden but especially here in the middle of a lawn framed with well-manicured box hedging.

The Magnolia tree is a very primitive tree. Its flowers do not have the usual petals and sepals (leaf found under the petals) like modern day flowers it has tepals (petals and sepals act as one). Tepals are usually associated with very primitive trees and plants. The tepals are brightly coloured in shades of pink and purple. They are great at attracting insects to them because they are so bright and inviting in spring.

These trees can stand full sunlight but I have also seen them growing in shade so are very versatile in any garden and they look perfect in any sized garden. One thing to note about them is that they do not like compaction of their roots so place them somewhere with very little foot traffic. In the middle of a flower bed would look brilliant.

I am already on the lookout for one of my own,

Happy Gardening Everyone!