Time For Some Division

Okay this has to be the most exciting time in gardens (in my opinion anyway!). I think its so exciting because of the amount of growth and activity that is going on in the garden. I bet you are looking out your window and thinking I am crazy! But if you look closely you will notice that spring bulbs are sticking their leaves up out of the soil and also that herbaceous plants are starting to grow again.

I used my weekend to its fullest this time, with its glorious spring sunshine to start dividing my herbaceous plants. Dividing has to be the easiest and most useful task you can carry out in your garden. It is great for you as you get more plants for your money. It is possible to divide one plant in to four perfectly fine plants, capable of growing and able to divide again the following year. Dividing is also good for the plant it self as it cuts down competition because you divide the plant giving it more space around it. It also allows the plant to be managed which helps keep it healthy and growing happily.

It is possible to divide so many plants you find in your garden. Plants like Geraniums, Hostas and Ladies Mantel are all so easily divided it take no time what so ever. In this blog ill talk about dividing Geraniums (the same principles can be used when splitting ladies mantel) and I will next time talk about splitting Hostas.

What to do:

1. Pick the plant you want to divide.

My choice !

2. Now dig up the plant, keeping as much of the root attached to the plant as possible. This gives the plant the best possible chance of establishing a good root system quickly. The more Roots the better it will grow.

Digging up the plant

3. Now this may sound harsh and barbaric but with a sharp spade cut the plant directly in half. Best to do this on a level surface as it makes it much easier.

And then there were two!

4. Now just simply do the same with the two halves , dividing them up into as many individual plants you think you can get out of the two halves. I usually take three plants from each but this is a personal choice. For the First time do what ever you are comfortable with. As you do it year after year you get more daring .

Ready for planting now

5. Once you have divided the plants , get them in the soil quick as possible. DO NOT LET THEM DRY OUT. Water them in and make sure to keep an eye on them for a few days  ensuring they have enough water to establish new roots.

If still doubt about dividing plants watch this space and I will post some pictures of these plants I have divided and how brilliant they will grow.

Happy Gardening Guys!