Leaves Liquid Gold!

If like me you find your garden covered in leaves from all the strong wind we have had lately, Its time to act !


If  you have found leave all over the place, I have two really good and worth while things to do with the leave.

Firstly you could get some black bags and fill them to the very top with the leave (doesn’t matter if they are wet, dry or anything just trow them in !). Then tie the bag up securely and ready for it …. Trow them behind your shed till next year! Nice and simple! This time next year you should have some glorious leaf mould, which will be ideal for digging trough flower bed and veg patches.

Leaf Mould

From my own experience I would say use some of the better quality bin bags. The cheaper ones can break up in the weather and the leaves will not break down as well. The Better quality bags are good and thick so you wont have this problem.Also they are also jet back and this will speed up the break down of the leaves.

The other thing you can do with the leaves is the simplest thing possible. Rake them up and trow them behind a hedge or in a disused corner of the garden. Here they will be come a home and food for many Bugs and Insects, that will slowly break down the leaves into a wonderful humus. This will give added nutrients to the soil around it, which is all plants want. Of course if we get the strong winds again you will find yourself tidying them up again the next morning ! So if you want to do this option I would recommend Putting them behind hedges where the branches will act as a barrier and stop some blowing away again!

Either way you decide to tackle those troublesome leaves, you will find in the long run that you will get so much out of the leaves.Eventhough they may seem like a pain to tidy up again and again, in the larger picture its worth keeping them around!

No Need to get Angry anymore!