Project: Composting Area

This year I have a few projects for my garden. One of the major ones is to finally set up my composting area. This is going to be at the side of my shed, so it well hid from the house much to the joy of my mother! It will be my oasis of horticulture where I can really get my hands dirty.

work in progress!

As you can see lots of work to do !  My plan for it is to have an area for composting and a potting area ( hopefully with a potting table !) where I can do all my potting up of plants and jobs like that .  I plan to put down a bark floor and maybe also have my water barrel in here too.

Well I guess the clock is on to get it all done by summer.  Hopefully you all will find something in this project of mine that you will be able to adapt and bring to your own gardens.