The Birds are Hungry!

With this arctic wind and the ever-present treat of snow, which may come back for an unwanted second visit this winter, I thought that I would share with you a brilliant way to make sure the birds in your garden are doing okay.

One extremly easy way to give birds a helping hand is to leave them out some food.  This can be done so easily, just trow out some bread crumbs with butter on or even put out an apple that has been cut in half out on a table or wall and they will munch away quiet happily on it.

An exciting way to feed them and also a way to get children involved with nature is to make seed cakes. These are so easy to make and use old scraps and things many people will have lying around their homes

Birdseed Recipe:

You will need :                                         

  • lard
  • mixed seeds
  • peanuts
  • grated cheese
  • meal worms
  • an empty flower pot or youghurt tube
  • an OLD Mixingbowl / bucket

Okay so when you have an old bowl or bucket ( i say use an old bowl becouse i dont thing you will want to use the bowl again if you have put mealworms in it !!) ,  you add one cup of mixed seeds, one cup of peanuts, one cup of rasins,  one cup of mealworms and a generous handful of grated cheese to the bucket.  Then you soften the lard in the microwave and add it into the bucket and give it a good mix. While the mix is still workable (ie the lard has not set ) , you spoon the mix in to your pot or container. Then place it in the fridge to to set. Once it has set place it outside and watch as the birds come flocking to you garden.

Depending on the size of container you use id say you will get around three medium sized seed cakes.

Things Not to feed Birds:

  • Dried coconut
  • uncooked rice
  • Salted Nuts

Happy Feeding Guys!

Seed Cakes