The Butterflies will Love you !

One of my aims for my garden in this coming year is to attract more butterflies and bees in to it. One of the best ways to get some amazing butterflies and bees in your garden is with a plant called Buddleia (pronounced Bud –lee- ah). It is more commonly known as the Butterfly bush and guess what loves its sweet smell and nectar…. That’s right the Butterfly!


This bush will increase the amount of butterflies and bees  in your garden from the minute the first flowers open up in the warmth of the summer. It is important to get bees and butterflies in to your garden for the main reason they will do so much work for you in the garden. Bees are brilliant pollinators so are very good to have in gardens with fruit trees or a vegetable patch and butterflies not only look amazing and add a sense of magic to the air and like bees, are great at pollinating plants too.

A very important thing to know about the Buddleia is that it is a medium to large bush so in a small garden might not be the best idea as it could take over and look out of place. A very good thing to know about this bush is, if you are worried about it being too large for your garden is to cut it harshly back in the autumn. This will keep it under control and from my own experience, encourages it to flower more the following year.

My top tip if you are going to have a Buddleia in your garden would be to place it toward the back of a herbaceous flower bed. When in full bloom it has a lovely drooping effect and when kept down to around head height can look so beautiful and dramatic.

A major bonus of the buddleia is that it comes in so many amazing colours from pale pinks, to cool blues and deep vibrant purples.

just a few of the colours you can get