Lets Talk About Bulbs !

Okay guys I think we should start this off with bulbs

The best time really to plant bulbs is in the Autumn so that they will be well established for early spring flowers. But if like me you are not quiet quick off the bat and still have some lying around that still need to be planted I recommend you plant them into  pots . Planting them in pots will allow you to keep them in a conservatory or glasshouse till we are over the hard frost which will most likely hit us in the month of January. If you don’t have a glass house you can shelter them up against a wall which will give them a slight advantage against the harsh frost which would burn and damage your new bulbs. I find that planting the bulbs in pots around this time of the year works better as you are able to manage the bulbs that bit easier than if they were planted in the ground.

On my many hours  searching the web for good horticulture blogs ect  I found this very handy diagram that shows you how deep you should plant many common bulbs . I find it useful as it gives you a rough idea how far to plant your bulbs in the ground or even in pots . Its important to get this right because you have put the effort into find the bulbs you want and planted them, why not do it right the first time and reap the rewards of beautiful  spring colour year after year .