Vegetable Garden Update

You might remember when I started building the raised beds for my vegetable garden, that I told you all the top soil I bought was not the best and I predicted weeds in the coming months. Well I was right! So the other day I spent a few hours basking in the sun while I weeded my new vegetable patch. I am pleased to report now that they are under control and the garden looks some what presentable now!

Weeds down the Veg Patch

Weeds down the Veg Patch

While most of the vegetables I have picked to grow this year have been successful,  I have had a very problems and misadventures down there too. The main issue has been pigeons! They had a lovely snack on my purple broad beans and cabbage transplants. After saving what I could of my decimated cabbage crop and bulking it up with some new plants, I got a great tip from Dee of Greenside Up. That was to cut the bottom off some 2 litre bottles and use them as cloches or mini force fields if you will to protect from pigeons and slugs.

Cabbage Protection

Cabbage Protection

I am very pleased to say it has worked a treat and I now have a thriving cabbage crop, which will have their protective force field removed from around them in the coming weeks. As soon as they are sturdy enough to withstand attacks from my feathered friends!



The rest of my vegetables have been much easier to care for and have not chucked any curve balls at me just yet! As you can see from the gallery below there has been some great growth in the past few weeks. My morello cherry and pear trees have even burst into flower. Lets hope we actually get some fruit this year!

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